So yesterday afternoon was the really bad, i had another argument with my ex girlfriend over being friends. she wont have it that she doesn't ever want to see or speak to me again, I'm the one who makes all the effort, trying to help her out with things.

so i got her to see me this Sunday i went to lunch and on my return she asks me one favour, not to talk to her friends. i was like erm why. so she was like because they are my friends and not yours. by the way we have been broken up for about two years now. her friends have become my friends now too. i was like no that's not going to happen. she switched at me and was like not seeing you.

by this time i had a call from my solicitors (i have a court hearing about my car crash i had about 2 and a half years ago) saying the driver has had a stroke. GREAT. they inform me that my Ex has had no contact with them. this means she has lied to me saying shes sent off everything to them. i hate lier's.

in the end i gave in and said do what you want live your life without me, but remember I'm always here for you, i hope that was the correct thing to say.

anyway, today is another day and I'm happy as it is Friday and I'm going for dinner at my best friends house, then going to oxford to see my girlfriend :). spend the night with her.

cant wait for the weekend.

love you all

B x

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