Lima (San Isidro and Miraflores)

After a massive breakfast we went walking to a park called the olive park. we bumped into a man he was very nice, we noticed that he was wearing a Mogen David. we asked him if it was for religion reasons or if it was for good luck, he said a some of his family are jewish and he also works for a company who take tours and show the synagogues.

we then returned to our hotel where we met Erica who was our tour guide and Ronnie who was the driver. 

Driving round San Isidro this is mostly where people live as apposed to where people work. while driving we saw a few people getting married. Lima is made up of the north and south part. the new and old places they have 52 blocks. 

There is a lot of police about mainly women. they have this in place because the men can be easily outspoken and could let you off with a fine. with women they can change there minds and give you a double fine if you try and talk your way out of it.another reason why there is a lot of police about is because it used to be Lima used to be a poor city.

the buildings are not large this is because they are are on a fault line and have earthquakes most of the year. the other taller buildings have shock proof systems in place.

while driving we drove past the peru National stadium which they have just re opened it. they used to have 35,000 seats and now has over 75,000 seats.

once we got to Lima Town. we entered the church where they had a library with books that was made in the 14th Century. some of the books were really big, they have this because when inside the church the have over 150 seats where the choir boys sit. under the church they have dug up graves and tombs and laid the bones of all they dead for everyone to see. 

Driving to the south we noticed they they advertise on the grass and not billboards this is because they want to give back to the environment.

In Miraflores they have the best indian shopping places it is also one of the safest places in Peru because of the tourists make it safe. we went to the see where they have a 'Kissing" Stature which each year they have a contest to see who can kiss the longest and this year the longest kiss was 47 minutes.


From London to Lima (Peru)

So waking up at 3 15 in the morning isn't the best feeling in the world. especially when you read on Facebook that people have just got in from clubbing. 

So finish getting packed. we leave to go to the airport. at 3 45. so we get to the airport but cant check in. as they don't open ANY gates before 5 AM so there was a scrum once they opened. 

Once though we proceeded to go into the BA lounge. which we was told also opened at 5. this was a lie. it opened at 5 30, so as you imagine its early in the morning and there was a group of people gathering around the entrance getting very angry being told wrong information. 

So time went on and we went in an ate some food left and onto the plane. which we took to go to Madrid, one landed we had a couple of hours stop over there. 

So the hours went, we got onto the plane to Peru. OH my i have not sat in a more comfy seat on an aeroplane in my life. i was so excited. the chair went all the way to a flat bed. i was like boom, i will sleep for 11 hours. boy was i wrong. but that wasn't the weirdest thing. they had a camera on top of the rear wing so you could watch take off during and landing of the flight. 

Once we landed we met this woman called Raquel, she is i think our tour guide. i was so tired at this point i was zoning out. we took a small bus thing to our hotel in Lima, Peru. and the way they drive is ridiculous, they don't care about anything and they just hold here horn down too. 

i slept so well. the beds in this hotel was incredible. they breakfast was nice too. with a bit of santa involved and the children here went mental. 


South America

I was thinking lets start up a blog about when i go to south america with my family on the 16th December. Everyone seems to be doing one so i though i would do one too. 

i will give you where we are and what we have been doing when i have time to stop and think,

here is the outline of what we are going to be doing 

December 16 – Day flight to Lima. Arrival and transfer to the hotel of your choice.

December 17 – Afternoon tour of the “City of Kings.” (B)

December 18 – Early morning flight to Cusco, for two nights. Afternoon tour of the capital of the Inca Empire. (B) 

December 19 – Full-day tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, including visits to Ollantaytambo and Pisac, famous for its Inca terracing and colourful market. Overnight in Cusco.
(B, L)

December 20 – Early transfer to the station for the train journey through to Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas with a guided tour of one of the world’s great archaeological sites. Overnight. (B, L)

December 21 – Morning to explore the site further. Afternoon rail journey back to Cusco for two nights. (B) 

December 22 – At leisure in Cusco. (B) 

December 23 – Depart Cusco station for the spectacular ten-hour rail journey through dramatic mountain scenery to Puno, travelling on the luxurious Orient-Express train. Stay for two nights in the hotel of your choice. (B, L) 

December 23 – Motorboat trip on Lake Titicaca to visit the unique floating islands of the Uros Indians. Afternoon visit to the Chullpas of Sillustani above Lake Umayo where the ancient Aymaras used to bury their high priests in 12 m / 40 ft high cylinder-shaped mausoleums. 

December 24 – Drive south towards Bolivia, stopping at the Baroque churches in Juli and Pomata. Continue by hydrofoil to the legendary Sun Island for overnight, enjoying wonderful lake views. (B, L, D) 

December 25 – Depart after lunch and visit the Urus-Iruitos floating islands en route to Huatajata before continuing to La Paz for two nights. (B, L) 

December 26 – Morning city tour of La Paz. In the afternoon, visit Tiwuanaku, the pre-Inca great Imperial capital. (B) 

December 27 – Morning at leisure to relax before an afternoon flight to Santiago de Chile, for two nights. (B)

December 28 – Morning sightseeing tour of Santiago including the Presidential Palace of La Moneda, the imposing Cathedral and the central market where you will see an extensive display of flowers, fruit, seafood etc. Afternoon visit to the Maipo Valley, Chile’s best wine producing area, and to the famous Concho y Toro vineyards for a tour and wine tasting. (B) 

December 29 – Fly to Buenos Aires, the charming and cosmopolitan capital of Argentina. Spend three nights here at a hotel of your choice. (B) 

December 30 – Morning tour of this exciting city. Afternoon at leisure. (B)

December 31 – At leisure in Buenos Aires to enjoy an optional tour such as a visit to one of the famous Argentinian Estancias. (B) 

January 1 – Continue on to the Iguassu Falls for a two-night stay. If you choose the Hotel das Cataratas on the Brazilian side or the Sheraton Internacional on the Argentine side, you can walk straight down to the falls. (B)
January 2 – Morning and afternoon visits will show you both sides of the falls. (B)
January 3 - Departure for the flight to Manaus, in the Brazilian Amazon. (B)
January 4-5 - Early morning departure for a two-night stay at a jungle lodge, allowing ample time to learn more about the life-giving rainforest during daily reconnaissance trips and excursions. Full-board included. (B, L, D)

January 6 – Arrival back in Manaus in time for an afternoon departure to Salvador in Bahia, changing planes in Brasilia. Late arrival at the hotel; stay for three nights. (B)

January 7 – Morning at leisure. Afternoon excursion to the historical colonial centre, visiting the lovingly restored Pelourinho, with its narrow alleyways, ornate churches and colourfully painted facades. (B)

January 8 – At leisure in Salvador. Opportunity for an optional tour or to explore the city at your own pace. (B)

January 9 – Flight to Rio de Janeiro, stunningly set between the mountains and the sea. Stay for three nights. (B)

January 10 – Full day tour of Rio visiting its two main landmarks – Corcovado and Sugar Loaf mountains. (B, L)

January 11– At leisure in Rio. (B)

January  12– Finish and a few days touring  



Hey All

So yesterday I said I would go for a run for a start on my marathon training...well I didn't get round to doing this. I got home after dropping a few would girls off at a restaurant and had to go to tescos because I needed a new toothbrush and toothpaste plus mum asked me to get some more toilet paper.

anyway, so when i got home mum had put my dinner on. I had a feeling all day i wanted to surprise my girlfriend who I might say I have been dating for 15 months now :). after dinner i got changed and made my way to Oxford where she is studding.

it took me just over an hour to get there. we went for some shisha with a friend who dani thought she was seeing...was fun.

so I came home and watched How i met your mother...i still cant get over how funny this program really is.

loves x


A New Beginning

I think its time for a new beginning, where when i say i will do something i will do it. i.e when i say i will start running i will do.

so what's happened since i last posted a blog on here...

1) I have the most amazing girlfriend on the planet.
2) I have given up smoking
3) I have got a place in the London marathon.

so i would say a not a lot has changed but a lot has changed in my personal life though.

friends i was friendly with i have stopped seeing because they are not real friends.

With regards to my work well that's still up in the air. i would love to move to another place that has nothing to do with accountancy.

loves x



So yesterday afternoon was the really bad, i had another argument with my ex girlfriend over being friends. she wont have it that she doesn't ever want to see or speak to me again, I'm the one who makes all the effort, trying to help her out with things.

so i got her to see me this Sunday i went to lunch and on my return she asks me one favour, not to talk to her friends. i was like erm why. so she was like because they are my friends and not yours. by the way we have been broken up for about two years now. her friends have become my friends now too. i was like no that's not going to happen. she switched at me and was like not seeing you.

by this time i had a call from my solicitors (i have a court hearing about my car crash i had about 2 and a half years ago) saying the driver has had a stroke. GREAT. they inform me that my Ex has had no contact with them. this means she has lied to me saying shes sent off everything to them. i hate lier's.

in the end i gave in and said do what you want live your life without me, but remember I'm always here for you, i hope that was the correct thing to say.

anyway, today is another day and I'm happy as it is Friday and I'm going for dinner at my best friends house, then going to oxford to see my girlfriend :). spend the night with her.

cant wait for the weekend.

love you all

B x



So its Thursday morning, ive done quite alot today. woke up and had a shower which i do every morning. I was about 5 minuets late today because the traffic is bad, very bad. the cockfosters road is redick, always traffic gets worse every day, why?

anyway so i got into work and we have a meeting with all my work lot about GP Updates, about how work is going, the targets etc..

so that goes on for about 30 mins. once that was over i got back to my desk and went onto twitter as i always do, as this is never blocked by work. and the first thing i see is 'H from Steps is dead.' this really confusses me, i loved steps when i was younger. So i searched on google to see what this was about and i found a picture. Every time i look at it i cant stop laughing.
right so tonight i will be seeing my friend Lauren, im really excited because i dont see her that often. She is staying at her cousins house in highbury, her cousin is Remi Nicole, an up and coming R&B star. very exciting.
right well need to get on with my work.
love you all