From London to Lima (Peru)

So waking up at 3 15 in the morning isn't the best feeling in the world. especially when you read on Facebook that people have just got in from clubbing. 

So finish getting packed. we leave to go to the airport. at 3 45. so we get to the airport but cant check in. as they don't open ANY gates before 5 AM so there was a scrum once they opened. 

Once though we proceeded to go into the BA lounge. which we was told also opened at 5. this was a lie. it opened at 5 30, so as you imagine its early in the morning and there was a group of people gathering around the entrance getting very angry being told wrong information. 

So time went on and we went in an ate some food left and onto the plane. which we took to go to Madrid, one landed we had a couple of hours stop over there. 

So the hours went, we got onto the plane to Peru. OH my i have not sat in a more comfy seat on an aeroplane in my life. i was so excited. the chair went all the way to a flat bed. i was like boom, i will sleep for 11 hours. boy was i wrong. but that wasn't the weirdest thing. they had a camera on top of the rear wing so you could watch take off during and landing of the flight. 

Once we landed we met this woman called Raquel, she is i think our tour guide. i was so tired at this point i was zoning out. we took a small bus thing to our hotel in Lima, Peru. and the way they drive is ridiculous, they don't care about anything and they just hold here horn down too. 

i slept so well. the beds in this hotel was incredible. they breakfast was nice too. with a bit of santa involved and the children here went mental. 


  1. Is the route from Lima to the airport still lined with walls as you get out of the city? It's one of the few images I still recall from my trip many years back, as they apparently did this to hide the shanty town (slums) from the tourists. I also remember from Peru that a lot of the shanty dwellings didn't have roofs supposedly because back then they didn't have to pay tax so long as there wasn't a roof and so they had four walls and plastic sheeting for a cover when it rained.

    But I wish I could remember more details of my trip and so it's brilliant that you are keeping a record on your blog, as even if you only use it to record the briefest of details about things you see, believe me, there will come a time when you'll really appreciate having such an account to look back on.

    BTW don't forget to read your entries back before posting (if any suggestions wanted, you migh want to curb your penchant for starting paras with "so" :-)

    Keep it up
    Dead jealous

  2. And to think you are missing Strictly Come Dancing (and Wigan losing, currently to Chelsea) in arctic England, to be in Peru

    You poor loves :-)