Lima (San Isidro and Miraflores)

After a massive breakfast we went walking to a park called the olive park. we bumped into a man he was very nice, we noticed that he was wearing a Mogen David. we asked him if it was for religion reasons or if it was for good luck, he said a some of his family are jewish and he also works for a company who take tours and show the synagogues.

we then returned to our hotel where we met Erica who was our tour guide and Ronnie who was the driver. 

Driving round San Isidro this is mostly where people live as apposed to where people work. while driving we saw a few people getting married. Lima is made up of the north and south part. the new and old places they have 52 blocks. 

There is a lot of police about mainly women. they have this in place because the men can be easily outspoken and could let you off with a fine. with women they can change there minds and give you a double fine if you try and talk your way out of it.another reason why there is a lot of police about is because it used to be Lima used to be a poor city.

the buildings are not large this is because they are are on a fault line and have earthquakes most of the year. the other taller buildings have shock proof systems in place.

while driving we drove past the peru National stadium which they have just re opened it. they used to have 35,000 seats and now has over 75,000 seats.

once we got to Lima Town. we entered the church where they had a library with books that was made in the 14th Century. some of the books were really big, they have this because when inside the church the have over 150 seats where the choir boys sit. under the church they have dug up graves and tombs and laid the bones of all they dead for everyone to see. 

Driving to the south we noticed they they advertise on the grass and not billboards this is because they want to give back to the environment.

In Miraflores they have the best indian shopping places it is also one of the safest places in Peru because of the tourists make it safe. we went to the see where they have a 'Kissing" Stature which each year they have a contest to see who can kiss the longest and this year the longest kiss was 47 minutes.

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