Hey All

So yesterday I said I would go for a run for a start on my marathon training...well I didn't get round to doing this. I got home after dropping a few would girls off at a restaurant and had to go to tescos because I needed a new toothbrush and toothpaste plus mum asked me to get some more toilet paper.

anyway, so when i got home mum had put my dinner on. I had a feeling all day i wanted to surprise my girlfriend who I might say I have been dating for 15 months now :). after dinner i got changed and made my way to Oxford where she is studding.

it took me just over an hour to get there. we went for some shisha with a friend who dani thought she was seeing...was fun.

so I came home and watched How i met your mother...i still cant get over how funny this program really is.

loves x

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