So its Thursday morning, ive done quite alot today. woke up and had a shower which i do every morning. I was about 5 minuets late today because the traffic is bad, very bad. the cockfosters road is redick, always traffic gets worse every day, why?

anyway so i got into work and we have a meeting with all my work lot about GP Updates, about how work is going, the targets etc..

so that goes on for about 30 mins. once that was over i got back to my desk and went onto twitter as i always do, as this is never blocked by work. and the first thing i see is 'H from Steps is dead.' this really confusses me, i loved steps when i was younger. So i searched on google to see what this was about and i found a picture. Every time i look at it i cant stop laughing.
right so tonight i will be seeing my friend Lauren, im really excited because i dont see her that often. She is staying at her cousins house in highbury, her cousin is Remi Nicole, an up and coming R&B star. very exciting.
right well need to get on with my work.
love you all

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